About us

Founded in 1987 by directors Anna Sanchez and Xavier Fruitós, Varium is a private school dedicated to providing quality education in dance and movement. We offer a wide range of classes, in many styles and levels, for ages five to adult. From beginners to professionals, everyone can find a place here.

Ten years ago, Varium founded our professional training program, Formación Profesional de Bailarines. The program, designed for dancers sixteen and older, prepares versatile, skilled dancers for a professional career in dance. Since its establishment, the program has grown to attract students from all over the world. 70% of our students are international, coming from countries such as France, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland. This creates a dynamic, intercultural community.

In addition, Varium hosts three companies in residence: GetBak and Varium Kids, two amateur dance groups directed by Nil Fruitós, and Brodas Bros, a professional company directed by Lluc and Pol Fruitós.

A professional team of teachers and coordinators work together to give life to Varium. We believe that an active body clears the mind, focuses the energy, and creates a balanced life. We work to share those benefits with everyone who walks through the doors at Varium.