Get Bak

<h3>What is it?</h3>
GET BAK is an amateur hiphop dance  company. This project is aimed at young dancers wanting to dance in street performances, theater, and competitions …
During the 3rd year we won: 1st place in Dance World Cup 2014 Spain. Also, supported by other dancers of the school we have become 1st place in iDance Megacrew 2014.

<h3>What do we work on? </h3>
We approach the maximum work of a professional company; group work, regular rehearsals, and performances. Among others, we deepen the technique of hiphop in styles such as, popping, locking, new style, and house. Get Bak investigates new ways to move your body. Learn how to create choreographic material and put it on stage. We like to motivate new challenges so this year we organized a Jam with guest artists.

<h3>2014-15 Schedule: </h3>
We have 9 rehearsals each trimester on Friday nights. Schedule to be determined.

<h3>Want to join?</h3>
We believe it is important to annually provide an opportunity for anyone who wants to be a part of Get Bak. To do this we will make a master-audition open to the public with advance registration by mail

<h3>When do we start? </h3>
The audition will take place at Varium September 26th, from 7pm to 9:00 pm. The audition is free.