Dancer’s formation

  • We are living in a time of cultural melting-pot. With the basis of the modern dance techniques – GRAHAM, LIMÓN, CUNNINGHAM, RELEASE -, the contemporary dance of today merges with the ethnic dances and takes us to a free dance where the creators become protagonists.

    Dancers should work to achieve as many disciplines as possible to be able to respond to the demands of different chorographical ideas and mould their body to adapt to different dance styles.With these intentions, Varium presents this program of professional dance training.Among others, Contemporary, Ballet, Modern-Jazz, technical classes and creative workshops are part of the working program.

    We believe that patience and constant work are important to learn: they lead us to satisfactory results, not only in the final goal but also in the every-day work.The vocational dance training we offer is organized in two cycles.In the first cycle, we work on the acquirement of a technical basis and introduce the students to improvisation and creativity.
    In the second cycle, we work on the consolidation of the student as a dancer, teacher or choreographer. The time invested in each cycle will depend on the level of implication and efficiency of the student, starting with a minimum of one year up to a maximum of three years.

    :: AUDITIONS 2019-2020


    Registration fee de 10€



    Frankfurt – Liederbach



    :: Calendar

    _Beginning of classes 19/09/2018

    :: Prices and payment possibilities ’18-19

    A. Fractional payment x 9 months:450€ x 9 = 4.050€
    B. Trimestral payment (September – January – April):
    1ªquota= 2.000€
    2ªquota= 1.200€
    3ªquota= 600€ TOTAL= 3.800€
    C. Unique payment (September): 3.500€ x 1 = 3.500€

    *Includes: all classes, workshops and a medical insurance.
    In case of cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances, the amount deposited is transfered to regular Varium school classes.

    :: Banc

    ACCOUNT NUMBER 3058- 0523 00 2720807899
    IBAN: ES65 3058 0523 002720807899

  • >> Obligatoty Matters
    :: Technical Base

    Through techniques like Pilates, Yoga, Feldenkrais or RPG, we work on the body awareness to help us understand the organic functioning of our own body and teach us how to prevent eventual injuries. Concepts like the center, the axis, connections, alignments, … are part of the working plan.

    :: Ballet

    Ballet is an important part of the technical basis. Its methodic structure brings coordination, velocity of the legs, precision and clearness of in the movement, all very interesting for the vocational training of a dancer.

    ::Contemporari dance

    With the basis of modern dance (Limón-,…), body awareness, chorographical research and the fusion with other disciplines, today’s contemporary dance is in constant evolution. The contemporary teachers of Varium intend to transmit a clear technical basis, enabling the students to find a maximum of liberty in the movement. Balance, unbalance, floor work, occupying the space, presence,… are part of the working plan.

    :: Modern-Jazz

    With the basis of rhythm, the energy of Jazz and the actual technique of this dance without boundaries, rises this discipline which sometimes results difficult to define since the creative spirits of teachers and choreographers constantly make it grow and evolve. Rhythms, beats, off-beats, bonds with the music, changes of energy, isolation work of different parts of our body, combined with technique (turns, traveling, jumps) are part of the working program.

    ::Creative workshops

    This is the space of time dedicated to creative work. Choreography, improvisation and other subjects like Flamenco, Hip-hop, Massage, Lindy Hop, that aren’t part of the regular program, help the student to find different methods to progress and understand dancing better. We are searching to improve individual creativity and transmit tools to help every student find their place. Some workshops are entitled to create choreographies that will be presented in public to gain confidence on stage.

    >> Optional Matters
    Hip Hop/ Experimental/ Modern Jazz/ Breakdance/ Ioga

  • step by step
    1.Required information
    It’s necessary you fill in the application Form 19-20

    26/07/2019 – ó – 19/09/2019
    .The audition consists of:
    · A classical barre
    · A contemporary center
    · A Modern-Jazz variation
    · Improvisation
    (You do not have to prepare anything in advance)

    3.Personal interview
    After the audition, Ana Sanchez, headmistress and coordinator of the dance program, will have a personal interview with each participant.
    The goal of this interview is to know the personal and professional objectives of each student and plan a personal schedule adapted to its level.

    4.Administrative issues
    On the audition day the students who chose to participate in the vocational dance training will have to attach a medical certificate and they will have to specify which payment modality they choose: A, B or C.

  • >> Scholarships 16th Edition

    VARIUM , academy for contemporary dance, contracts scholarships for the 16th year of the education program of contemporary dance 2019/2020 for young dancers.
    The dancers should be between 18 and 25 years old and need to have an intermediate level in Classical Ballet, Contemporary Dance and Modern Jazz. Potential and lust for work seriously.

    The audition takes place on the 26th of July at 11 am , includes classical ballet training and variations of contemporary dance and modern jazz. Also its necessary to show a solo of maximum 2 minutes.

    >> Required information
    The applicants should do:

    1_It’s necessary you fill in the application Form 19-20

    Deadline: 1/07/2019
    Specify if you want to aply to the scholarship when you send the information.